Z Cars

The Series will cater for three varieties of BMW’s Z models plus the New Generation Production BMW E90 325i.

The entry-level Z3 (1.9 litre) class will provide the perfect starting blocks for new and aspiring competitors, offering a fun but cost-effective way to get started. The mid-level 2.2 litre Z4 offers a more dynamic challenge with its six-cylinder power plant, while the top level 230bhp, 3.0 litre Z4 offers near GT car levels of performance. The E90 325i is equalised against the 3.0 Z4.

With plenty of cars and parts available, plus the convenience of bolt-on panels across the range, you can rest assured the racing will be as affordable as possible. In fact, a Z3 build can be completed for as little as £6500.

The Series will visit premier UK circuits. Each round will comprise a 20-minute qualifying session plus two 20-minute races, with qualifying and racing on one day where possible to help keep costs low.


Race Entry:

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Next Event 20/21 April
MSVR Club Car Championships
Donington Park National Donington Park

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To register your interest in , and for more information, please contact the Series Co-ordinator, :

Julian Newman