Monoposto Championship

The Monoposto Racing Club is a club of motorsport enthusiasts promoting single-seater motor racing in an inclusive, friendly and respectful environment where the regulations promote stable, affordable and competitive racing.

Since 1958, the Monoposto Racing Club has been providing cost-effective racing, and now, 60 years later, the club is the largest single-seater club in the UK, regularly putting out capacity grids, with a friendly atmosphere in the paddock, and healthy, yet respectful, competitive racing.

About the Monoposto Racing Club

The aim of the Club is to organise low cost single seater racing for the club racer. With this in mind we promote classes for the competitor who is broadly a 'Do it Yourself' man or woman. To control casts the Monoposto Championship is for cars which are at least four years old*. Broadly, the engine size dictates the class into which a car falls. This is reflected in the class names.

The emphasis in the Monoposto Clubs' championships is on the amateur owner driver. Most of the cars being raced in the Monoposto championships are prepared by their owners and their friends. As a result, the club has a reputation for fielding cars which are prepared to a very high standard by their enthusiastic owners.

Because the pace of development means that the very latest designs are thought to be essential for success, depreciation is a crippling cost in many categories of motor racing. The Monoposto Racing Club rules are specifically framed to prevent this happening. One of the reasons why racing with us is relatively inexpensive is that competitors do not have to sell their cars at a huge loss at the end of each season in order to invest in the latest equipment. Well prepared cars remain competitive.

Frequently, a car may be raced for several seasons or even several decades and show zero depreciation when sold.

The class structure is such that a wide variety of cars can compete on equal terms. With the exception of Mono Moto 1400 and 1000, all commercially built cars racing in Monoposto must be built for the 2006 season or earlier. However, you can enter a home-built or 'one off' car of any age.

The Mono Moto 1400 and 1000 classes are for motorcycle engined cars . These two classes are aimed at those who want to compete in cars which can be bought 'off the shelf' as well as home built ones.*Unlike the other Monoposto classes, new cars can be raced in Moto. Despite this change of emphasis, these classes are still firmly focussed on the enthusiast rather than the career driver.

The MRC Classes

  • Mono F3
  • Mono 2000
  • Mono 2000 Classic
  • Mono 1800
  • Mono 1600
  • Mono Moto 1000
  • Mono Moto 1400
Next Event 20/21 April
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To register your interest in , and for more information, please contact the Championship Co-ordinator,:

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