Focus Cup

The complete package will feature the very best circuits in the UK - and you can race the whole season (including testing, qualifying and racing) from just £15k inc VAT. For an additional £300/weekend Focus Cup Ltd run their own Crash Damage Scheme with £1,200 excess. 

The Ford Focus 2.0 TDCI (three door) race cars are specifically mapped to 175bhp and 310lb/ft, but need to be driven to see just how tourquey they are! The cars are an ideal safe choice for novices but are also exciting enough for experienced racers. 

The championship caters for 18 drivers, with 20 cars built allowing two cars to be kept as spares to cover any eventuality that occurs throughout testing, qualifying or racing. At each weekend, drivers will pick their car at random before Friday testing, providing a level playing field. Drivers who race the whole season can keep the car they chose on the first weekend and have their own race number.

Next Event TBA

Championship Contact

To register your interest in and for more information, please contact the Championship Coordinator:

Simon Walton


Sat 01 - Sun 02 Apr
Donington Park - National
Donington Park National
Sat 29 - Sun 30 Apr
Brands Hatch - GP
Brands Hatch GP
Sat 03 - Sun 04 Jun
Snetterton - 300
Snetterton 300
Sat 01 Jul
Oulton Park - International
Oulton Park International