Clubmans Sports Prototype Championship

The Clubmans Sports Prototype Championship, controlled by the Clubmans Register, made its debut with MSVR in 2020. It is a highly cost-effective championship which visits all the leading UK circuits and traces its history back to 1965 when it had its first ever race at Brands Hatch. It remains the prime championship for men and women who enjoy freedom in regulations to develop, engineer and race their surprisingly fast prototypes across 4 classes CSP1, CSP2, CSPA and CSPB.

Clubmans offers front-engined, "slicks and wings" racing across the leading motor-racing circuits in the UK. The Club particularly welcomes drivers who also enjoy engineering and developing their cars.  The Club has 4 competitive classes to suit varying budgets and experience: CSP1, CSP2, CSPA and CSPB.

- CSP1 class is for the modern chassis with any 2 litre, 4 cylinder engine which produces no more than 200bhp. Six speed gear box and limited slip differential are also allowed. With the same power limit motorcycle engine cars are also allowed up to 1600cc.

- CSP2 class is for cars powered by the ubiquitous, almost bullet proof MG1600 engine. These engines are standard at around 130bhp, sealed and only the club nominated engine builder can work on them. This ensures that all engines are equal and costs are kept to a minimum.

- CSPA class is for chassis built before 1981 using highly developed 1700 cc Ford Kent engines delivering up to 190 bhp. Cars must run in ‘period’ specification but with modern tyres.

- CSPB is also for pre-1981 cars using slightly less powerful, but no less exciting to drive, Formula Ford 1600cc engines.

Next Event 11 May
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Donington Park National Donington Park

Championship Contact

To register your interest in the Clubmans Sports Prototype Championship and for more information, please contact the Championship Coordinator:

Peter Richings

[email protected]


Sat 13 - Sun 14 Apr
Silverstone - National
Silverstone National